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Inzer Advance Designs by John Inzer

Inzer Advance Designs has always been committed to making the purest
leading-edge powerlifting gear in the world available to athletes around the world.
Through the continual design and manufacture of the top performing gear, IAD grew to become the leading supplier of powerlifting gear, currently serving customers worldwide through official IAD distributors, the internet, phone, and mail.

The company tests all its new products extensively to ensure the quality and performance. The founder and CEO, John Inzer, is a many time world record holder and tests all the prototypes and new gear on himself, workout partners and the IAD design team before launch. Inzer Advance Designs produces Power Gear made by powerlifters for powerlifters.

Inzer Advance Designs is also the leading supporter of powerlifting competitions and powerlifting growth endeavors in the U.S.A. and worldwide. IAD continues its commitment to the growth of powerlifting and the lifestyle of strength and to the quality and innovation of products for powerlifters and strength athletes.

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