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Building Your Inzer Belt

The Inzer Forever Lever Belt - Step by Step

When you receive your belt it should contain the following:

  • 1x Leather Inzer Forever Belt
  • 1x Inzer Lever
  • 2x Lever Screws
  • 1x Belt Guard Plate


A GENUINE Inzer belt will be one solid piece of leather, 10mm or 13mm, counterfiet belts will consist of 2 leather sheets glued together. A GENUINE Inzer lever will contain the markings "Made in the USA, Pat No.4.541.152".

Your belt will be very stiff to begin with and will need to be rolled out once or twice to help break it in. It is common for your belt to be uncomfortable the first few attempts to use it. If you can break it in gradually before you go for that big lift then please do so.


Step One

Roll your belt out in both directions and bend it where possible. It will need some flexibility in order to receive the screws correctly across the guard plate.


Step Two

Place your Guard Plate across the back of the two belt holes you have selected for your prefered size. The guard plate should follow the curve of the belt and the embossed screw points facing outwards.


Step Three

Insert both screws included and line them up with your lever. You will need to start the process and connect the screws by hand manually first.

Step Four

Once the screws are connected to your lever, push your lever towards the belt in order to assemble the screws from the back of the belt. Tighten the screw on the left first, half way, before proceeding with the second screw on the right hand side.

Step Five

You will need a flat head screwdriver or similar to finalise the assembly. The tighter the screws are to the belt the better.


Your belt will need to be flexible and the screws turned tight for the lever to close correctly. A genuine Inzer lever does not click into place or lock, the lever should close smoothly and inside pressure when worn will be what keeps your belt closed.

While the leather is still tough it can be difficult removing the belt for the very first time. This is best done by removing the top hook seperatly and twisting the belt away from you. The more you use your belt the more everything will fall into place.

If you need further assistance with your belt assembly please email us for personal guidance -