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Inzer Iron Z Wrist Wraps

£19.99 GBP

**All Iron Z Wrist Wraps are IPF Approved


NEW THUMB LOOP DESIGN 2021 (Image 2 *)


The super powerful Iron Wrist Wraps Z delivers the most supreme support of all wrist wraps.

  • Provides excellent comfort and perfect support
  • The best wrist wraps in the world make it the choice of champions worldwide
  • Strong grip Velcro straps fasten the Iron Wrist Wraps Z securely in place
  • The Velcro straps are wide for strength and long for generous adjustment advantage
  • Strong, durable and wide elastic thumb loops are secured in place with long lasting construction

Suggested Sizing:

  • Short - Female/Teen lifters.
  • Medium - Everyone.
  • Long - Extra length to secure forearms and wrists if needed.