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Inzer XT Elbow Sleeve

£69.99 GBP


The high tech Elbow Sleeves XT have multiple applications to enhance the performance and pleasure of competing and training for any athlete.

  • Elbow Sleeves XT are better than wrapping your elbows because Elbow Sleeves XT are more comfortable, and adjustments are quicker and easier. Adjustments in position and tightness can be made anytime with very little effort.
  • Elbow Sleeves XT allow for better blood flow than wrapping
  • Easy on/off design makes Elbow Sleeves XT convenient to use anytime
  • Completely adjustable
  • Elbow Sleeves XT are seen on television and in the training rooms of professional teams
  • Great for rehab and injury prevention
  • Elbow Sleeves XT allow your skin to breathe unlike neoprene type supports. Neoprene is better for scuba gear, not strength gear. Neoprene supports let sweat pool underneath, and during outdoor strongman events painful grit can be trapped against your skin. But the Elbow Sleeves XT allow sweat to evaporate and creates a buffer for your skin, allowing better focus in addition to powerful arm support. Plus, the Elbow Sleeves XT material is far stronger and more durable.
  • Intended for multiple activities including bench pressing, strongman events and most professional athletic sports
  • High tech look and design


Suggested Sizing:

9″ – 10″ – Medium
10″ – 13″ – Large
13″ – 15″ – XL
15″ – 17″ – 2XL
17" - 19" 3XL


Choosing Size - Measure around your lower bicep. The lower bicep should be measured 3” up from the middle of your elbow joint. Make sure your arm is relaxed (not flexed) for this measurement.


Sizing Guide