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Inzer Gripper Wrist Wraps

£33.99 GBP

**IPF Approved in both sizes

How do you top your own industry-leading wrist wraps? If you’re the innovative Inzer Advance Designs, you invent a new, patented “Gripper” technology and material that redefines what wraps can be and do.

The Inzer Gripper Wrist Wraps feature two stripes of this material that does exactly what it says: with each revolution around your wrist the wrap grips itself to prevent any sliding or loss of compression. Beyond the increased ease of use, the complete lack of slipping also makes these the safest and sturdiest wraps ever produced. It’s rare to be able to claim that there is not a similar product on the market anywhere, but in the case of the Inzer Gripper Wrist Wrap it’s entirely true.

– Velcro straps are wide for grip strength, and long for maximum adjustment
– Wide elastic thumb loops fastened for long-lasting security
– Subject to Inzer Advance Designs’ rigorous quality control