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Inzer Gripper Knee Wraps

£52.99 GBP

**2.0M IPF Approved


Knee wrapping performance, safety and ease of use. The patented Gripper Wraps™ provide support above and beyond anything from anywhere before. 

• Safest wrap ever. Stays in place. Doesn’t slide or slip around. Provides the most security in knee joint protection ever.

• Grips to itself. No need for stickum or chalk to make your wrap stick.

• Locks. The Gripper™ knee wraps grab the surface of each revolution around your knee making the wrap lock in place.

• Cast-like feel. You can get that rare cast-like effect with less effort in wrapping the knees.

• Rebound. How can a wrap be both cast-like and have rebound through the whole range of motion? You’ll experience both these benefits!

• Comfort. Experience full throttle support with more comfort.

• Easier wrapping. Whether you wrap your own knees or someone wraps them for you, Gripper Wraps™ stay after each go-round on the knee. Yesterday’s wraps can snap back and slip-slack around, but the Gripper Wraps™ stays in place after you place it where you want it. An accidental drop or miss-grab of your previous wraps allow yesterday’s wrap to slip back around your knee and you have to start all over again. The Gripper™ keeps the wrap mostly where you left off, so you can begin wrapping again more easily.

• Versatility. Gripper Wraps™ are the best wrap for when you want to wrap to max tightness. Gripper Wraps™ are also the best for snug-tightness wrapping. Even when you want to wrap loosely, Gripper Wraps™ are the absolute best. In fact when wrapping loosely Gripper Wraps™ provide a buoyant feel and superior support for reps.