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Nose Tork Ammonia Smelling Salts

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Long lasting bottle of Anmonia smelling salts.

    • Get in the zone and bring that next level to your lift.
    • Long lasting Nose Tork comes in a plastic bottle that can be used over and over.
    • Keep the lid on bottle and store in cool stage for best results.
    • The strongest on the market!
    • Original product since 1993. Made in the USA.

Keep out of reach of children.

Public Notice - Fake versions can be found on Amazon UK branded "Nose Tork - Instant Adrenaline Response",

The original Nose Tork is made and sold in the USA by Crains. We supply original Nose Tork bottles imported from the states. This item is also branded in the UK under the name Nose Blast. These products are genuine and also made by Crains. Thank you.