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WDFPF World Championships - Glasgow 2018

Posted on November 05 2018

WDFPF World Championships 2018


- Competition Spotting by Royal Scots Dragoon Guards


On 4th November we attended the 20th Anniversary WDFPF World Championship event held in Glasgow, Scotland. With an international list of participants, we were not deprived of entertainment.

The event was sponsored by Steve Welch, the creator of Skull Smash. Steve was attending Glasgow for the third time competing with the WDFPF. This year he competed within the 125KG weight class at a bodyweight of 112.60KG. Traveling across the water from the states Steve closed the event with a new PR total for competition. 

SW (USA)  SQ 252.5KG  BE 147.5KG  DL 257.5KG  Total : 657.5KG Points : 350.84



We caught up with Steve after the event to congratulate him on the success of his Ammonia products here in Scotland & the UK. As a team favorite Skull Smash has never had a bad review from customers. Its unique design and high-quality finish are exactly the standards you would expect from the US veteran, gym owner and powerlifter himself.



Photo Credits Jordan Mcguire